specialist in air
specialist in air


Vostermans Ventilation is part of Vostermans Companies, a group of international companies founded in 1952. Vostermans Companies is a company that:


  • is market oriented and innovative
  • is investing in the latest technologies and craftsmanship
  • adapts constantly to the changing market needs and demands
  • assists its customers with the development of complete concepts and solutions


Vostermans Ventilation develops, manufactures and distributes axial fans for the industrial and agricultural market worldwide. With "Specialist in air"  as its core business, it manufactures the well known brands:


Multifan Multifan: an axial fan, known and valued for its durability, efficiency and thrustworthiness with an own in-house manufactured motor line and plastic fan blades
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EMI: an axial fan, well known on the market for its quality and as a specific ventilation solution with an own in-house manufactured motor line and stainless steel fan blades

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Mf-Flex: motors and motor accessories for the development of 1:1 solutions for all type of ventilation systems

Mf-net logo Mf-Net: open module control system for various applications for agricultural and industrial uses

Vostermans Ventilation has developed a strong name as trustworthy partner with high quality products and logistic advantages. In co-operation with the other company in the group, Vostermans Alu Foundries, Vostermans Ventilation is able to initiate new developments in a flexible way and/or supply the customer with custom-made solutions.


In the own R&D Factory with state-of-the-art measuring equipment, a modern windtunnel and various test rooms, all necessary fan and motor characteristics are thoroughly tested from the first development of a new product or a product line. Also for the complete logistical track, Vostermans Ventilation is fully equipped to supply according to the demands of the customers in terms of time, assembly level, packaging, quantities, transport methods etcetera.


By setting up an own, highly automated production unit, Vostermans Ventilation is able to create a complete fan unit by combining all the necessary components. From the special copper wire to the in-house produced impellers and various types of casings, Vostermans Ventilation is able to manufacture its axial fans according to the high demands. Integrated quality and process control are fully embedded in the manufacturing facilities.


For the fans and motors, our company provides the possibility to choose between an optimal combination and the following properties:


  • Air is controlled in function of e.g. temperature, pressure or noise by means of the variable speed motors
  • The low energy consumption is a consequence of the optimal combination of the correct motor for the necessary impeller
  • The realized noise level is examined as a fan in its final environment and application
  • Since the motors are IP55, the fans are suitable for outdoor usage and withstand wet cleaning
  • Due to the use of high quality parts (bearings and windings) in combination with the high standards of production, the fans can withstand heavy duties and a long lifetime is warranted


Due to the numerous and unique combinations of fan blades, materials, various shaft lengths and a large number of mounting options and the possibilities for variable speed and climate control, customized fans for each customer can be offered.


Specifically for the OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Vostermans Ventilation takes an extra step. Together with the customer a suitable solution is found for each application on 1:1 basis. Depending on the demands and wishes of the customer on the level of motor charge, air volumes, noise level, energy consumption and/or environmental pressure (e.g. acids, chemicals, moisture) an optimal solution is created. Vostermans Ventilation is dedicated to search for specific solutions in close co-operation with the customer. The development of optimal ventilation is our challenge.    

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