specialist in air
specialist in air

OEM fan solutions

Vostermans Ventilation offers a range of axial flow fans for:


Cooling and refrigeration

Cooling and refrigeration Vostermans Ventilation can provide the right fan solution for applications such as air cooled condensers, chillers and blast freezers.


High-pressure-fan-agriculture Dryers for grain, wheat, oil seeds, cereals and coffee. Coolers for potatoes and ventilation in horticulture are just some of the agricultural applications where Vostermans Ventilation has the right fan solutions. 


Food Processing

OEM-Axus-(back) The fans are governed by the stringent hygiene requirements in operation within the food process industry. With the need for process wash-down considered, the fan range is ErP 2015 compliant and has been developed to cater to a wide range of fluctuations in the ambient air conditions. 


Benefits of the fans:



  • ErP 2015 compliant
  • Minimum operating temperature -50ºC
  • Maximum operating temperature 60ºC
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel case construction
  • PTO thermostat thermal overload fitted as standard


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