specialist in air
specialist in air


Mf-Flex fan

Multifan misting fan Multifan misting fan boat dock

Product: Mf-Flex fan

Project: Cooling boat dock

Area: USA          




Multifan Basket fan

Multifan Basket fan for horses

Product: Basket fans

Project: Cooling

Area: Western Europe                                                                                                


Multifan Basket fan

Ventilation entertainment

Product: Basket fans

Project: Entertainment industry

Area: Western Europe                                                                          


Multifan Basket fan


Product: Basket fans

Project: Recirculation at fresh fish market

Area: Asia



Multifan Casing Fan 92

Other-Factory-West Europa

Product: Multifan Casing Fan 92

Area: Western Europe                                                                                           


Multifan Recirculation fan


Product: Recirculation fans

Project: Storage of potatoes

Area: Eastern Europe                                                                                          





Multifan System-1

Rabbit house ventilation   Rabbit house fans France  

Product: Multifan System-1

Project: Rabbit houses

Area: Western Europe                                                                 



Multifan Panel fan

Product: Multifan Panel fan

Project: Spraying installation

Area: Southern Europe                                                                                   


Multifan TurboPro

Multifan Turbo Pro-Ventilatie inflatbles-West Europa  

Product: Multifan TurboPro

Project: Inflatables

Area: Western Europe                                                                     





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