Shaping the future
Shaping the future

Mf-Net Controls


The Mf-Net line is an open modular control system for various applications. By means of simply adding various modules together, you can go from stand-alone controllers to high solution, integrated control systems. The in-and output signals from main controllers and power units are easy to connect by 0-10 Volt or regular electric connections, resulting in various combinations.

To choose the right combination of Mf-Net modules various criteria and specifications can be used.


Mf-Net offers the following alternative drivers, which can be mixed at free choice:


Economy: simple operation, low investment

Endurance: robust, durable

Energy: energy saving, speed control

Safety: reliable alarms





Mf-Net program


The Mf-Net control equipment includes:


Fan speed controllers

Mf-Net Frequency controller Frelink-4f




>Frequency controllers

Mf-Net Transformer SEA 3,15





Mf-Net Trilink 2t




>Triac controllers

Intelligent Fan Drive  



>Intelligent Fan Drive


Climate controllers

Mf-Net Thermostat ETD-S





Mf-Net Master-1




>Main controllers

Mf-Net Stand alone controller ETD-C




>Stand-alone controllers

Mf-Net Relink 2S




>Modules 0-10V



Override switch




>Override switch

 Motor Protection Switch




>Motor protection switch


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