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Motor Protection Switch

The MBS-series exists of motor protection switches which protect fan motors against overload and phase failure. The current range is 0,4-25 Amps.

For these switches an IP55 housing is available. Also available are auxiliary and alarm contacts.

For singlephase motors provided with a thermo contact a special version is available.








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Override switch

Override switch

The override switch can be switched to setting 0 (off), 1 (controller) or 100% (override). This last option offers the possibility to override a control for single phase fans and three phase fans. This module can be applied in combination with the VLT Agro Drive in case of emergency or malfunction to override the frequency controller to guarantee 100% ventilation.









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ManuLink 2

The Manulink-2 provides a manual override control or a loop-through of a 0-10V signal. It offers the possibility to control slave units and supplementary controllers. The Manulink-2 can be set on automatic mode (loop-through), on manual mode or can be switched off. This enables full control of the 0-10V signal. With the three 0-10V outputs, the Manulink-2 can control several slave units in parallel. It can also be used as a 0-10V output signal inverter and as a 0-10V signal booster.







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