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Energy efficient Fan technologies


At Vostermans Ventilation, we constantly strive to be innovative while listening to market needs. The latest innovations arising from this are our energy efficient technologies: the ECplus and Vplus.  Both technologies rank among the most energy efficient solutions on the market.


Axial fans of our brand Multifan are well known for consistent high quality, durability and longevity. With the introduction of the ECplus and Vplus technology, we are addressing the need for more energy efficient fans. Selecting the right fan can result in more efficient animal growth, a healthy environment and reduction of the carbon footprint by the energy savings gained. 


ECplus2The optimal combination of reliability and energy efficiency

The ECplus technology, with intelligent fan drive, is characterized by significant energy savings (energy savings >80% according to research from French Research Institute IFIP, 2015) combined with reliability under the harsh conditions in for example the livestock industry. The fan and speed controller are resistant in the most corrosive environments. After all, loss of ventilation in a livestock house can lead to disastrous consequences. When for example, by lightning, the controller fails, the ECplus has an optional override switch.The ECplus fans can easily be used in existing and new houses.


Vplus technology for maximum efficiency

By implementing the latest insights in motor research and permanent magnet design, we developed the next step for lowering the energy consumption: the Vplus technology. This fan with permanent magnet motor and Multifan Fan Drive for adjusting the speed, is the answer to the energy challenge. Over-ventilation is avoided by the ability to control the fans and the total number of fans can be reduced because of the high air performance per fan. The CFM/watt efficiency numbers are objectively measured by the University of Illinois BESS Lab (unbiased source of performance data for ventilation fans), and results show that Vplus fans rank amongst the highest in airflow performance/efficiency and airflow ratio.


For both technologies, we use durable materials that are long lasting, are designed to serve a lifetime and which are very easy to clean. To illustrate our reliability we offer a 3-year warranty for the Multifan motor-drive combination. In addition, the significant energy savings assure a good return on investment and short payback period. For more information and details about the technologies, you can contact us via www.vostermans.com/contact.


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