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Henk Vostermans: "Distribution across borders is taken for granted"

LOGO VOSTERMANS_COMPANIESLimburg is one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. Located between Belgium and Germany, Limburg is dominated by borders. The long stretch of Limburg has a border of 351 kilometers with foreign countries and "only" 113 kilometers with the rest of the Netherlands.


To ensure that, today and in the future, sufficient activity is generated from abroad, Connect Limburg is established with the clear task: Limburg as a unique international and cross-border region. Vostermans Ventilation supports this initiative as partner of Connect Limburg and participates on the website of Connect Limburg amongst others.


Recently, Henk Vostermans, CEO of Vostermans Ventilation, is interviewed about his vision on the international business traffic. "Distribute to 'neighbours' as Germany, Belgium, France and England is a matter of course for us," explains Henk. "It's close, we speak each other's languages. Therefore you do not notice that you are doing business across the borders. With neighbours of our neighbours becoming a customer, and again neighbouring countries of these heard of us ... And thus the circle around us kept expanding, until we grew over the years to an internationally operating company. "


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