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Can you save more energy with your fan control system?

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating", is the experience when Vostermans Ventilation created a test panel to compare the traditional frequency control and the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive with the triac control system. On the panel the speed of the 2 connected fans can be controlled; in addition the FAST® software inside the Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive can be switched ON or OFF.






















The results are remarkable: at minimum ventilation, for example at 400 or 600 RPM, the energy savings, with the Multifan Intelligent Drive are significantly higher!



Another clear advantage is the motor temperature, when controlling the fan speed with the Intelligent Fan Drive. At a fan speed of 400 RPM the motor temperature of the fan is about 15ºC lower in comparison to the triac controller. As a result of the lower motor temperature, a long life time of the motor is guaranteed.







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