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Agricultural ventilation


Vostermans Ventilation manufactures, develops and distributes a full line of axial fans for ventilation all year round in:






>Poultry confinement


Pork confinement


>Pork confinement

Dairy barns


>Dairy barns


Ventilation for agricultural purposes include barns and storage buildings and creates an environment in which animals live comfortably, plants provide maximum yields and the removal of hazardous gases or high humidity.


Ventilation equipment of Vostermans Ventilation include axial fans,motors,control equipment and fan accessories. Because of high efficiency rates, low noise level, long service life and resistance against harsh environments, our products are well-suited for the livestock industry.


Industrial ventilation


The fans of Vostermans Ventilation are applicable in various ventilation systems for: 











Specifically for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) Vostermans Ventilation developed the Mf-Flex motor line to offer a custom-made solution for specific demands for ventilation. For each application the right air volume is determined at the right pressure, taking into account the other demands as energy consumption and noise level. In combination with the high quality of the motor line and testing in our own windtunnel, another unique feature is added: the optimal motor-blade combination for each specific application.


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