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Box fans for pork

In warm areas mostly length- or tunnelventilation is applied in pork houses. Vostermans Ventilation has a number of Galvanised box fans in program, which meet the requirements of fans for pork houses. The Multifan Casing fan 92 is developed for the minimum ventilation, is characterized by a compact execution and is available as a complete unit, easy to install.


With the design of the Multifan 130, Vostermans Ventilation offers a fan with a high airvolume (26,840 CFM at 0 Pa) with a very low energy consumption (21.7 CFM/W).

Poultry houses, which use tunnel- or lengthventilation, demand a higher amount of air against low costs because of the need for higher production levels. The standard Multifan 130 includes 3 blades, but for higher pressures and the use of pad cooling, a 5-blade version is also available.

Multifan Galvanised box fan 92



Multifan Casing Fan 92


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Multifan Galvanised box fan 130 3 blades



Multifan 130 with 3 blades


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Multifan Galvanised box fan 130 5 blades



Multifan 130 with 5 blades


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